Gil Perl

A Definition of Modern Orthodoxy

"Modern Orthodoxy never is less, always is more."

This is a video we created as an invitation to Kohelet Yeshiva High School's Open House back in 2015.  See my original post about it here

It recently came to my attention that people were looking for it but it had been deleted from YouTube.  I have now posted it again.  Feel free to share and to offer your own . . .

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December 17, 2020

The Making of Modern Judaism Part II

The Origins of Ultra-Orthodoxy

This is was the second of a three part lecture series I recently gave through the Young Israel of Teaneck on the Making of Modern Judaism:



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December 17, 2020

Yehuda & Leadership's Most Difficult Lesson

Insights from Parashat Vayeshev

Given as the Friday Parsha Shiur at Kohelet Yeshiva High School, parashat Vayeshev 5781:


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December 11, 2020

The Making of Modern Judaism Part I

The Rise of Reform

This is the first of a three part series I recently gave through the Young Israel of Teaneck on the Making of Modern Judaism.  It focuses on the rise of the Reform movement from its earliest forms in Germany to its emergence as a full-fledged movement in the United States by the late 19th century.  The next two parts focus on two . . .

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December 06, 2020

Modern Orthodoxy in a Post-Modern World

A Panel Discussion Hosted by Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy's Center for Continuing Education

I had the pleasure of joining Rabbi Tully Harcsztark this week for a spirited conversation on the strengths and weaknesses of Torah U'madda, Or Amim, and the future of Modern Orthodoxy.


Here is a full recording of the program:


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December 03, 2020

Hedgehogs, Foxes, and the Future of Modern Orthodoxy

A Response to the Responses

It's been deeply gratifying to see and hear some of the thoughtful responses to my essay on the need for a Modern Orthodox Hedgehog Concept (pt. 1, pt. 2, Op-Ed 1, Op-Ed 2).  I wanted to briefly address a few pieces of feedback that made their way back to me in different forms, as I believe that they help sharpen the argument I was . . .

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January 03, 2020

A Shul is Reborn

Burned to the ground on Kristallnacht, the Meiningen Synagogue emerges from the rubble 71 years later

Silvrback blog imageTwo years after fleeing Nazi Germany as a fourteen year-old boy, Dieter Gruen learned that the beautiful synagogue in which he had had his bar mitzvah, and in which his father had been a cantor, had been burned to the ground.  Though the young Dieter had safely reached the shores of the United States, the rest of his family was still . . .

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October 29, 2019